Handy Aire

What is Handy Aire?

Handy Aire are various of product air distribution system which you can see below…

Square Diffuser

Round Diffuser

Swirl Air Diffuser

Ball Sprout

Hood Cape

Linier Diffuser

Fresh Air Louver

Volume Damper

Back Draft Damper

Return Air Grille

Supply Air Grille

Bar Grille

Variable Air Volume

The Energy Saver

  • The Variaire series saves energy by supplying only as much to n area that is required to offset the head load.
  • The system capacity is determined by the peak demands of the individual spaces rather than the maximum peak of entire building.
  • As a result, fan sizes may be reduced. Coupled with variable volume feature of the VARIAIRE, the fan will only operate at a speed necessary to handle the load, thus conserving energy.
  • During period of no heat loads, suc as night-time, weekend, light off, no occupants, etc., the CA series can go to shutoff, thus minimizing refrigeration horse power and the fan horsepower.
  • The VARIAIRE terminals quitely handle large volumes of air. this reduces the number of terminals to a minimum, holding initial cost to a minimum.
  • The VARIAIRE can be designed for use with pneumatic or electronic controls systems

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