Handy Wool – Thermal & Acoustic

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Glass Wool Against Heat – In Central air-conditioning stations, insulating duct wraps prevent wateful heat loss from the sheet metal duct sides. It is also possible to produce both flexible and rigid ductwork entirely from face fibre products.

In air-conditioned buildings, glass wool is a protection against the loss of expensive negative thermic calories escaping through walls and roofing.

In industrial premises and prefab haouses with internal insulation, alu-foil faced glass wool is an excellent protection against heat radiation to building interiors from roofs and walls.

In buildings with external insulation of walls and flat roofs, glass wool regulates the thermal inertia of the building. it delays the rise in temperature of the masonry during the day. During cold nights it helps to the radiation of the heat gathered during the day, towards the inside of the building.

As a protection against heat, glass wool, working in collaboration with good air conditioning is very efficient.

Insulation Materials For Industry and Building

Above 230 ‘C, as for all bonded mineral fibres products the binder may disappear without the thermal or mechanical qualities of either the pipe section or the board being affected.